Top 10 Things To Do In Punta Cana

Blessed with one of the Caribbean’s longest white sand coastlines–a whopping 48 kilometers (30 miles), punctuated with sky-reaching coconut palms–Punta Cana is the land of rest and relaxation by the sea. Here, where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean, all-inclusive resorts and boutique hideaways offer all the whims and comforts of modern beachfront living. Families enjoy family oriented entertainment and water parks for children, while couples-only enclaves offer secluded beachside lodging for an ultra-romantic stay. But it’s not only about fun in the sun, soft sand brushing against your toes, and iridescent, clear water to swim in, go horseback riding, or dive in and discover an underwater paradise. Below we’ve compiled our favorite 10 things to do in Punt Cana (In no specific order).

1. Swim With Dolphins

Make friends with fascinating marine mammals and learn about the Dominican Republic’s friendly dolphin community during a magical dolphin encounter. Get to know Punta Cana’s pod of resident dolphins, playing games and teaching them simple tricks before your enchanting experience is through.

2. Monkey Land Safari

Nestled in the mountains of Anamuya, this experience offers a chance to interrelate and observe monkeys in their natural environment. Meanwhile you’re enjoying spectacular views of the countryside. This is an unforgettable experience for all ages.

You begin your journey by entering the lovely botanical garden, where you learn about the native plants and flowers of Anamuya. The following 45 minutes is catered to a guided tour that allows you to interact in close proximity with beautiful and friendly squirrel monkeys. These lovely and intelligent mammals have been trained by a Canadian couple with 35 years of experience working with animals, including 12 years at the Toronto Zoo teaching monkeys to trust and enjoy the company of humans.

3. El Limón Waterfall

Pair your passion for adventure with your love of nature during a guided horseback adventure to El Limón Waterfall. Embark on an idyllic ascent through coconut and palm trees toward the cascading falls, where you can take the plunge and cool off in the soothing waters beneath El Limón Waterfall.

Turn the tropical forest into your playground. Marvel at the way the horses clamber up steep sections of the track with a sense of prowess. Behold the stunning array of wildlife while you climb, and take time to admire the coconut and palm trees bearing blossoms and low-hanging fruit.

Hear the crashing sound of water before you catch sight of El Limón. At the top, pause to drink in vistas of the awe-inspiring falls as you get ready to plunge into the refreshing pools for a swim.

4. Off Road Adventures

Join this rally through the Dominican countryside for a fun and thrilling adventure behind the wheel of your own off-road vehicle. Cruise through local farmland, pass by freshwater springs, and take a swim in the refreshing waters of the Caribbean along the way.

5. Full Day Colonial Santo Domingo City Tour

As one of the oldest cities of the Americas and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Santo Domingo is a great choice for first-time visitors and history buffs. You’ll visit some spectacular places of this rich colonial city including the caves at Three Eyes National Park, the Columbus Lighthouse, the walled Colonial Zone, and the National Presidential Palace.

6. Horseback Riding Experience

Live the experience of horseback riding on a Paso Higueyano horse as you trot along on the beautiful white sands of the Caribbean beaches. See the stunning coastline as well as the picturesque countryside, stopping for a swim where the river meets the ocean.

After a safety briefing, be greeted by your friendly guide and by your new 4-legged friend. Saddle up, and hop on for an unforgettable and memorable ride. The journey takes you through both Caribbean beaches and countryside.

You visit the Maimon River mouth, where the local fisherman are docked, and have the opportunity to take a dip in both fresh and salt water. Here, you can enjoy a delicious and refreshing coconut water.

7. Zipline Adventures

Get ready for a thrilling adventure that takes you over the wilderness just a few minutes away from the pier of Samana Bay. A 10-zipline course lets you tear through the sky as you get a unique look at the idyllic forest and sights that stretch all the way to the coast.

A safari-style truck carries you through a setting defined by forested hillsides and beautiful Caribbean beaches. Admire the sweeping views of sites like Bacardi Island and Los Haitises National Park from atop the zipline platforms as you prepare to step out into the air.

The zipline course takes you through an alternating series of high-speed rides over the forest, with panoramic views across the Samana Peninsula, and hikes through vivid stretches of shrubbery. You’ll get a dazzling combination of tropical rainforest and unspoiled white-sand beaches with this aerial voyage.

8. Hoyo Azul

Tucked inside Scape Park, in the Cap Cana area, this “blue hole” cenote offers a refreshing swim in natural, cool spring waters. Surrounded in lush rainforest, Hoyo Azul, approximately 14 meters (45 feet) in depth, sits at the foot of a 75-meter (246-foot) tall limestone cliff covered in vegetation. You’ll have to cross a suspension bridge and hike past a myriad of flora and fauna, including an orchid garden, to make your way to this hidden oasis. Leap into the tempting turquoise waters, or use the steps to enter this paradisiacal, natural pool.

9. Water Adventures

Get to know the wonders of Punta Cana and the Bay of Samana with a mixture of spectacular sightseeing along the shore and below the waves. With snorkeling in the coral reefs, some great Dominican food, and a showcase of local crafts, you get a full range of experiences that lie along the coast.

These tours usually have many options which include, A catamaran boat ride that carries you out for a voyage across the water. A bus ride that takes you through beautiful landscapes to reach the lively community of Bavaro, a favorite for visitors throughout the Caribbean. Many end with a visit to a museum that showcases local products from handmade cigars to chocolate and rum.

10. Rest & Relaxation

Let’s not forget one of he most important activities Punta Cana is known for, Rest and Relaxation. Take the time out to enjoy some time to do nothing but recharge and unwind. Take in one of the free nightly shows, treat your palette to an assortment of different cuisines and simply live for the moment.

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